Water, Sewer & Refuse
510 Main St., Mediapolis, IA 52637 319-394-3125
Billing, Payment Options and Penalties
Water, sewer and refuse customers are billed each month, generally around the 27th of each month. Water meters are read each month, generally around the middle of the month. For example- the bill generated on the 27th of January will be for water used from the middle of December to the middle of January. The bills are due on the 20th day of the month. A minimum $5.00 penalty is added to accounts paid after the due date. Customers who have not paid by the 20th willbe sent a disconnect notice. Customers have 10 days after the due date of the 20th to pay the amount due or water service may be disconnected. If that happens, the customer will need to pay the entire past due amount and a $50 reconnection fee. Customers now have the option to have the utility bill paid with an automatic withdrawal on the 15th of each month or by credit card online or at city hall. These customers will still receive utility bills so the amount to be withdrawn will be known. Please contact city hall if you would like to sign up for this service. Bills may be paid in person at the clerk’s office, at any of the banks in the City of Mediapolis, by mail, or the payment may be left in the drop box at City Hall. Checks only in the drop box.
Water, Sewer and Refuse Rates
As of 7/27, the City of Mediapolis is charging $14.60 for the first 1000 gallons of water used. Water customers are charged $9.44 for each 1000 gallons used thereafter. The initial $14.60 is the minium amount and customers are charged that amount for any gallons used up to 1000. The amount charged for the subsequent gallons is prorated. As of 7/27, the sewer charge is 75% of the water charge. Each housing unit is charged a $7.50 Lagoon fee to help with the cost of DNR mandated lagoon upgrades. As of 7/27, residents are charged $14.59/month for refuse collection and if you have a 2nd refuse can you are charged $29.18/month and $4.15 for recycling.
Utility Deposit
New owners shall pay a $50 deposit for utility service with the city. This amount is refunded to you after twelve consecutive months of on-time payments. Renters shall pay a $100 deposit for utility services with the city. Refunded after final reading and final utility bill has been paid. Click for Utility Application.