510 Main St., Mediapolis, IA 52637 319-394-3125
Water & Sewer
Water and sewer service is provided by the city. Water meters are read each month, typically in the middle of the month. The bills for water, sewer. lagoon and refuse are mailed near the end of the month and are due in full by the 20th of the month following. Payment for these services can be auto-matically deducted from your checking or savings account. Please stop by or call City Hall to get the necessary paperwork.
Law Enforcement
Mediapolis has a contract with the Des Moines County Sheriff’s Department to provide service and coverage for the city. Mediapolis is also a neighborhood watch community.
The Mediapolis Aquatic  Center is open from Memorial Day until school begins in the fall.  The pool is located at  845 N. Northfield St.   319-394-3034 Pool Manger: Rob Rhum
Swimming Pool
City Services and Information
City Council Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at City Hall at 6:30 p.m. Any changes to this schedule will be in the Mediapolis News Refuse Collection The residential refuse collection is on Wedesday and is provided by LaVeine Sanitation Service, Inc. Each resident is provided either a 95 or 65-Gallon Trashcan. For major clean ups, call City Hall or the City Shop to request a dumpster. The charge for the service will appear on your water bill. Dumpster fees are $30 for a small, $35 for a medium, and $40 for a large. The fee is charged each time the dumpster is emptied. Please use common sense when loading as overloading may result in the dumpster not being picked up and/or an additional charge. Large items such as furniture, carpet cut into reasonable lengths, etc. may be scheduled for curbside pick up on Tuesday or Friday with a minimal fee. The last Tuesday of the month is when appliances, air conditioners, batteries, or any other large metal items are picked up. Please call City Hall if you need either of these services. Latex paint cans can be collected with regular refuse as long as the lids are removed and the paint has been solidified with sand or kitty litter. No yard waste can be picked up with regular refuse. There are dumpsters marked "YARD WASTE ONLY" between the two northernmost Quonset huts across from the elementary school. If a holiday falls on a Wednesday, refuse collection will be on Thursday. Burning refuse is never allowed. Recycling Curbside recycling is available every other Wednesday Annual calendars indicating collection dates are available at city hall. Containers are provided on request at no charge. You are charged a recycling fee wether or not you participate Please recycle as much as possible. Click for 2024 Recycle Schedule
Telephone, Cable TV, Internet MTC Technologies provides Telephone, Cable TV, and Internet services for Mediapolis. 319-394-3456
Gas & Electric
The City of Mediapolis has a franchise agreement with Alliant to provide gas and electric services to the citizens
Fire Deparment & Ambulance Service
Mediapolis has a volunteer fire department. Andy Kerr is the Fire Chief. The ambulance service is also made up of volunteers. New faces in either organization are always welcome.